How Does the Vehicle Air Conditioner Work?

  Vehicle Air Conditioning Working Principle works in a certain systematic structure. In this article, we will learn how the air conditioner in vehicles works. We will also learn how much fuel the vehicle air conditioner consumes. Substances absorb heat when they change from liquid to gaseous state. Substances give off heat when they change from gas to liquid state. Heat always flows from hotter matter to cooler matter. A substance absorbs heat (that is, it draws heat from the environment it is in) when passing from a liquid state to a gas state. The law forms the basis of the logic of air conditioning. In liquids, the lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point, that is, the transition from liquid to gas is much easier at low pressure. The state of transition from liquid to gas draws heat from the environment, that is, reduces the temperature of the environment. In the air conditioning system, a special liquid that boils at low temperatures is preferred very easily, this